Alfred (アルフレッド Arufureddo) is the chief butler of the Fukushima Mansion. This old gentleman is very loyal to Fukushima Kei and can fulfill any of her orders immediately. He is the only person so far to know the girls' true identities. After learning about Pretty Cure from Kei, he helps the heroines in their fights and prevents any leak to the public.

Appearance Edit

Alfred appears as the typical kind of gentlemanly butler. He is dressed in a full suit, including a pair of white gloves, and has his white hair combed backwards.

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Alfred is shown to be a very caring, calm and a loyal person. He has been guiding and giving Kei advice in difficult situations. He has been serving Kei since she was a very small child, thus he is able to understand her very well.

History Edit

Alfred first appears when he asks if Kei would like some more tea. Kei said that she was fine, and Topaz shyly asked for some more, and Kei smiled. Just then, Lucia and Mahiru arrived with the other fairies, and Kei welcomed them to her mansion. Lucia was in awe of the Fukushima mansion, and Kei smiled, and also introduced the two girls to her butler, Alfred. The fairies except for Topaz began to panic, and Kei explained that she thought it was best to let Alfred know about the Pretty Cure secret, as he is currently the one who currently looks after her as her parents are away. Lucia then says her catchphrase, and Alfred bows politely to Lucia and Mahiru as well as the fairies, and says that he will do his best for Pretty Cure. Mahiru thanks him, and Kei smiles, saying that they had to get to work.

Later, Alfred is with the girls for their first ever Pretty Cure meeting, but Sapphire soon starts panicking and explains that Emerald, Lapis and Amethyst are gone, shocking everyone else. Mahiru says that they have to find the fairies before they cause trouble in Yumesaki, and Alfred explains that he will use the city's security cameras to locate them, and Kei thanks him. Lucia then tells Mahiru and Kei to come on, and the three Cures run off.

Relationships Edit

Fukushima Kei - Kei works as a butler for the young lady. He has been with her since she was a young child and feels the need to protect her from any harm. At many times he acts like a father-figure, bursting into tears of joy at her achievements.

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