Amagawa Eiji (天川栄治 Amagawa Eiji) is a minor character who appears in the Rainbow Pretty Cure Trilogy. He is the father of Amagawa Lucia.

Appearance Edit

Eiji has floppy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a light blue button up shirt and grey pants with a black belt keeping it in place with light brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Eiji is a friendly man, although he can be a bit protective of his daughter, especially when she causes mischief. He goes at his own pace, and is usually seen with a smile on his face.

History Edit

Eiji opens up the door, and smiles at Mahiru and Kei. He welcomes Mahiru, who bows to him politely, and then introduces Kei to him. As Kei bows to him, Eiji smiles and introduces himself as Lucia's father. Just then, Lucia pushes past Eiji and excitedly welcomes Mahiru and Kei to their first official sleepover. Kei says that she is very excited herself, and Mahiru murmurs that knowing Lucia, she'd have crazy things prepared. Lucia grabs Mahiru and Kei's arms and brings them into the house, excitedly saying that this will be the best sleepover ever.

Relationships Edit

Amagawa Lucia - Lucia is Eiji's daughter, and the two seem to be very close.

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