Cure Ciel (キュアシエル Kyua Shieru) is a supporting character from the Rainbow Pretty Cure Trilogy. She was the Pretty Cure of the Blue Rainbow. Prior to the beginning of the show, Cure Ciel was defeated by Diabolos and was taken prisoner, but just before that, she sent out seven fairies to Earth to look for the other Pretty Cures of the rainbow. Her partner was Sapphire.

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Cure Ciel was lying on the ground, panting heavily. Seven fairies flew to Cure Ciel's side, and Sapphire asked why she continued to fight back despite her injuries. Cure Ciel claimed that as one of the warriors of the rainbow, it was her duty to defend the world. Sapphire, crying, said that if only the other warriors were here, then Diabolos would be defeated quickly. Cure Ciel smiled weakly, and said that was the very reason she was giving the fairies a job. She asked them if they would find the other warriors, and just as Sapphire agreed, a man appeared. Cure Ciel told the fairies to quickly fly away, and as they did, the man picked up Cure Ciel and disappeared. Sapphire, with tears in her eyes, quietly asked Cure Ciel to wait for her, and then flew away with the other fairies.

Personality Edit

Cure Ciel's personality is unknown, but she appears to be very loyal to her duties and status as a Pretty Cure.

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Cure Ciel has blue eyes and knee-length light blue hair done in a low bubble ponytail secured with golden bands, and she wears a gold beaded accessory on her forehead. She wears a blue long sleeved leotard with a white collar that has three blue stripes on it, and a blue skirt, along with a white bow on the chest and at the back, with the back waist bow long. She also wears a pair of blue laced up ankle boots and gold earrings with a heart dangling from them, as well as a blue choker with a prism heart underneath it. Her transformation pen is kept in a small bag around her waist.

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Cure Ciel's voice actress, Asano Mayumi, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Honna Yoko, who voices Sapphire.

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