Homura Sakura (保村桜 Homura Sakura) is a minor character who appears in the Rainbow Pretty Cure Trilogy. She seems to be a mysterious young girl who has a connection with Sapphire.

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Sakura has green eyes and long dark green hair left hanging above her waist, and wavy bangs that frame her face. Her casual outfit consists of a white shirt underneath a green jacket that has black buttons and a white collar with pink frills. She also wears a white skirt and green ankle boots with white socks.

Personality Edit

Sakura appears to be a mysterious girl who has some kind of a connection with Sapphire. It is unknown what connection this is, and because of this, not much is known about Sakura.

History Edit

Lucia, Mahiru and Kei were running in the streets of Yumesaki, calling out the names of the three runaway fairies, when a young girl walks up to them. She explains that she saw three glowing lights flying around the city, and Lucia, Mahiru and Kei look at each other. Kei thanks the girl, and Mahiru asks her what her name was. The girl introduces herself as Homura Sakura, and Lucia hugs Sakura, surprising her. Lucia then thanks Sakura for her help, and the three girls run off. Sakura wonders what is up with those three, when she looks up and sees Sapphire. Sapphire looks as if she recognises Sakura, but before she says anything, Sakura winks at Sapphire, telling her to keep everything a secret for now. Sapphire, smiling, nods, and then flies away, leaving Sakura behind. Later, as the people continue to cheer, Sakura watches the Cures disappear, and walks away.

Sakura later appears in Episode 7, when she asks where the fairies where. Everyone turns to the owner of the voice, and Sakura walks up, a smug look on her face. She then explains that the Pretty Cures have personal fairies, and asks where theirs were, and Akemi quickly says that their fairies are doing a quick errand. Sakura also explains that the fairies assist with the Cures' transformations, causing Akemi, Fumiko and Takara to turn red. Sakura then turns to the crowd and explains that because the so-called "Pretty Cures" don't have their fairies with them, they are not the true Pretty Cures, causing everyone to start laughing at Akemi, Fumiko and Takara. Ashamed, the three girls run off, and Kei murmurs that although Sakura revealed the girls' lies, what she said was kind of mean. Lucia then decides to check up on them, and Mahiru and Kei agree, and then run off.

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Sapphire - Sakura and Sapphire seem to know each other, but their idea of "everything" remains a secret. It is unknown what connection the two have.

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