Kisaragi-sensei (如月先生 Kisaragi-sensei) is a minor character who appears in the Rainbow Pretty Cure Trilogy. She is one of Amagawa Lucia and Tachibana Mahiru's teachers.

Appearance Edit

Kisaragi-sensei has long brown hair that is slightly wavy and brown eyes. She is usually shown wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a lilac ribbon tied around her neck that rests just above her waist. Her shirt is tucked into a black pencil skirt and she wears matching heels.

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Kisaragi-sensei is very serious and somewhat stern, and is not very friendly. However, like most teachers, she seems to be very patient and understands that some things may take a lot of work.

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Lucia and Mahiru have just finished class for the day, and Lucia groans about how much she hated going to school and doing work. Mahiru laughs as she says that going to school is fun for her, and Lucia replies by saying that Mahiru is good at everything, so of course she'd like school. Kisaragi-sensei then walks up to Lucia as she explains that you don't have to be good at school to enjoy it, and then asks Lucia to rub off the board, causing her to groan and Mahiru to laugh.

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