Kumoria (クモリア Kumoria) is one of the main antagonists from Rainbow Pretty Cure☆Destinies Unfold, and is one of Diabolos's subordinates.

History Edit

First Attack Edit

Kumoria was standing in front of Mahiru, who was kneeling on the ground. Lucia ran to Mahiru and asked if she was okay, and Mahiru nodded, saying that Kumoria had just appeared from thin air and stolen her phone. Pearl was shaking badly, and whispered to Lucia that Kumoria was one of Diabolos' minions, and Kumoria smiled evilly, and introduced herself, and said that she couldn't wait to have some fun. She held up Mahiru's phone and then summoned a black ball of energy, and placed it within the phone. She then threw the phone onto the ground, and it suddenly turned into a Zankokuna!

Later, as Lucia was trying to get both herself and an unconscious Mahiru away, Kumoria appeared in front of the two girls. Kumoria asked why Lucia was trying to save both herself and Mahiru, and asked why Lucia wasn't afraid. Lucia explained that she definitely was afraid, but for the sake of her best friend, she had to fight on. Suddenly, there was a bright glow in the sky and a Rainbow Pen appeared, allowing Lucia to transform into Cure Rose. Although shocked, Kumoria quickly shook away the shock as she commanded the Zankokuna to attack Cure Rose. At first, Cure Rose could not get the hang of her new powers, but with the help of Pearl, she was able to push back the Zankokuna and was able to overpower it. Once the Zankokuna was purified, an angered Kumoria disappeared.

Appearance Edit

Kumoria has red eyes and blonde hair swept back with a black headband. She wears a 60's style black dress with a white collar and has black thigh-high boots and gloves. Imprinted on her dress are shapes of purple spiders.

Personality Edit

Kumoria appears to be vain and cunning, and finds pleasure in seeing others fall in despair. As one of Diabolos' subordinates, she is extremely loyal to him.

Trivia Edit

  • Kumoria shares the same voice actress as Hoshino Kenta and Natsuki Rin.
    • Coincidentally, Okiayu Ryoutarou, who voices Diabolos, has previously voiced Mucardia from the same season as Rin.
  • Kumoria's appearance is quite similar to X-Dia's from Shugo Chara.

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