Lapis Lazuli (ラピスラズリ Rapisu Razuri) is one of the main mascots from the Rainbow Pretty Cure Trilogy. She ends her sentences with "~zuri".

Abilities Edit

Lapis possesses the ability to fly using her wings, and it is thought that she can give her power to the Rainbow Pen so the Pretty Cure of the Indigo Rainbow can transform.

Appearance Edit

Lapis has indigo eyes and medium-length light indigo hair tied back into a low twin tails, as well as the symbol of the Indigo Rainbow on her forehead. She wears an indigo dress, and worn over it is a white apron with a floral design going across the lower portion of it. A light indigo petticoat sticks out from the bottom, and she also wears light indigo high heels. She has small wings which are a translucent indigo.

Personality Edit

Lapis is silent and doesn't speak much, but when she does, it's only a word or two. Due to her being quite the mystery, there is little known about her.

History Edit

Arrival to Earth Edit

Lapis and the other six fairies were flying in the sky, and Amethyst wondered how to find the other warriors of the rainbow. Emerald then said that she knew these warriors were somewhere in this city, and Amber sighed, saying that Amethyst had asked how to find the warriors, not where. Emerald laughed as she apologised, but Sapphire said that this was no laughing matter, as only the other warriors could save Cure Ciel. Topaz apologised for Sapphire's loss, and Sapphire sniffed as she turned away. Lapis then said that Pearl seemed distant, and the other fairies turned their heads towards Pearl. Pearl murmured that she could feel the power of the Pink Rainbow growing stronger, and to the other fairies' shock, Pearl flew away.

After Cure Rose defeated the Zankokuna, Lapis and the other fairies appeared, and Amber began scolding Pearl for flying off. Pearl sheepishly apologised, and Emerald looked at Cure Rose, and was excited to realise that another Pretty Cure had been found. The other fairies, except for Amber and Sapphire, quickly flew to Cure Rose and began talking to her. Although Lapis didn't appear to talk to Cure Rose, she was shown to be smiling.

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Songs Edit

Lapis' voice actress, Kitamura Eri, has participated in only one image song for the character she voices. This song is a duet with the voice actress of the Pretty Cure of the Indigo Rainbow.

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Trivia Edit

  • Lapis shares the same voice actress as Aono Miki.

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