Saruro (猿ロ Saruro) is one of the main antagonists from Rainbow Pretty Cure☆Destinies Unfold, and is one of Diabolos' subordinates.

History Edit

First Attack Edit

Kei's eyes fill with more tears, and says that she wants to help, when suddenly, a voice from behind her says that there is no point in fighting if one is weak. Kei quickly stands up and turns to face Saruro, who has somehow appeared in the classroom. A frightened Kei stares up at Saruro as he says that she must not become a Pretty Cure, for both her and Diabolos' sake. Just then, Lucia and Mahiru run into the classroom with the other fairies behind them, and the two girls grab Kei and run out of the classroom. Saruro smiles evilly and tells himself that those two girls must also be Pretty Cures, and so, he turns a desk into a Zankokuna, and sends the Zankokuna after the girls as he laughs evilly.

Later, as Kei looks at the Zankokuna, she realises that Topaz and the two Cures were right. Kei then says that although being a Pretty Cure will be scary, she will do her best and continue to fight, for Topaz, Cure Ciel and everyone else. Suddenly, there was a bright yellow glow in the sky as the clouds parted, and the light came flying down to Kei as it transformed into a Rainbow Pen. Kei then grabs the Rainbow Pen and with it, she transforms into Cure Jaune. Rose begins to cheer as Arancia compliments Jaune, and Saruro scoffs and says that there are three other Pretty Cure awakenings to prevent. A smiling Jaune then begins to help Rose and Arancia fight the Zankokuna, and together, the three Cures combine their powers and manage to take down the Zankokuna. After Jaune purifies the Zankokuna, an angered Saruro disappears.

Appearance Edit

Saruro has red eyes and messy brown hair with his bangs in his eyes, and dresses like a rebel. He wears a black leather jacket and jeans, along with black sneakers. He wears a gold chain around his waist. He also has monkey ears and a long tail.

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Saruro likes to taunt others, and prefers to use his strength rather than actually thinking. He doesn't care what others think of him, and as one of Diabolos' subordinates, Saruro is extremely loyal to him.

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