Tachibana Yuzu (橘ゆず Tachibana Yuzu) is a minor character who appears in the Rainbow Pretty Cure Trilogy. She is the owner of Tachibana's Accessories and is the mother of Tachibana Mahiru.

Appearance Edit

Yuzu has been noted to resemble her daughter, as they both have tanned skin. Yuzu has wavy red hair hanging just below her shoulders, and has orange eyes. She wears a white shirt as well as jeans and red pumps.

Personality Edit

Like all mothers, Yuzu is a caring and gentle mother, and seems to be very wise. She will offer her daughter support with anything, and convinces Mahiru to try and repair her friendship with Lucia. Yuzu also seems to know Lucia, as the former asked how the latter was.

History Edit

Mahiru was helping out at Tachibana's Accessories, and Yuzu then thanks Mahiru for all her help, and Mahiru said that she was always happy to help. Yuzu then asks how Lucia was, and Mahiru shrugged, saying that Lucia was acting weird all day. Yuzu then explained that Lucia was probably wanting to tell Mahiru something, but perhaps she couldn't find the courage to say it, or she couldn't find the time for it. Mahiru smiled and said that she had to go see Lucia immediately, and Yuzu wished her daughter the best of luck with repairing her friendship as Mahiru ran out the door.

Relationships Edit

Tachibana Mahiru - Mahiru is Yuzu's daughter, and the two seem to be very close.

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