Victor (ビクター Bikutā) is the main villain of the Pretty Cure Shooting Stars movie franchise. He is the one who turned the three worlds against each other.

Appearance Edit

Victor is extremely pale and has grey hair and red eyes, and wears a dark green floor-length robe lined with light blue accents at the bottom of the robe and the sleeves and light green accents. The robe also has a mantle of the same colour with dark yellow fringe hanging off of it and an off-white cape.

Personality Edit

Victor is a cruel and dark wizard who has turned the three sister worlds against each other, and will do anything to keep them apart. He is also interested in the Cures' magic, and wants to take them for himself.

History Edit

Victor first appears in a world of darkness, and he was watching the Cures and Holly through his magical mirror, and the wizard, revealed to be Victor himself, smiles evilly. He then says to himself that the Cures will never help Holly restore her world, but then says that something else interests him. He then reveals his desire through the song “Wizard’s Ballad”, and laughs evilly as the camera fades to black.

He later appears standing in front of Holly's throne at the castle of the Winter World. Victor says that he was surprised that the Cures managed to escape, but then begins to blast each Cure with beams of darkness. The Cures each produced snowflake-shaped shields to defend themselves, and Rose shared hers with Holly. The Cures began to fight Victor as they struggled to seat Holly onto the throne, and she finally made it. She sits on the throne and takes a breath, and begins singing “Song of Light (Holly’s Ver.)”. After singing, the crystal heart on the top of the throne begins to glow, and a large beam of light appears from it. Victor disappears in anger as the beam of light shoots to the sky, and the world of winter is restored.

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  • Victor shares his voice actor with Shut.

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